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Animist Pino Noir – 2014

$15-$30, Pinot Noir

Gothic Score

Good goth of all that is dark and demonic, this bottle of Animist Pino Noir shrieked to me from the dismal shelves of the Whole Foods Market. This is by far one of the most gorgeous bottles I’ve seen in quite some time… and I’ve lived a LONG TIME.

I mean, the bottle has a freekin’ Eye of Sauron worthy symbol etched in to it’s center, bordered by a golden crest of some lost civilization on it’s side flank. Where has this wine been hiding? What mysteries does it have to unfurl? What’s more, it boasts a 14.4% BAC, so naturally I can’t wait to complete this journey into the drunken abyss.

This is a surprising pino, full of flavor, but nothing too dark on the pallet. As far as gothic wines go, it’s decent- but with a price point over $25 (damn you, Whole Foods), I found myself more satisfied when I was just looking at the bottle. By no means is it a bad wine, I like it a lot, it just SCREAMED to be so much more!

I can say I’ve had better wines for the price (but I’m cheap..), but I can’t argue the absolute striking design. In summary, I love the look and higher BAC than usual… and I do love a pino noir, but I think the wine itself could pack a little more unique demonic earthy punch on the tongue. Thanks for reading the diary of my liver -The Dark Wino


Animist Pino Noir – 2014
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