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Black Ink – Red Wine Blend – 2015

Red Blend, Under $15

Gothic Score

What fun, another bottle of gothic wine to drink. Tonight I’ll be painstakingly polishing off a bottle of Black Ink, a red blend from Black Ink Wines over in the Napa Valley, CA.

This is actually a great wine in the under $15 category, cause I can usually find it under $10. Ever since the housing market crash that ruined everyone’s pitiful lives in the late 2000’s its been a relief to find a cheap decent wine. I found this at the 7-Eleven near the lair, it’s a blessed thing to live in a state where even the convenient stores sell liquor until 2am. As they say, down the hatch.

I like this wine. It’s easy to drink a lot of it and not too heavy. It has a strong black cherry flavor with some tree bark and smashed plumb things going around. This wine would go well with more wine… or perhaps a lightly baked brie cheese. Or both, I don’t judge.

It’s not very gothic, but more looks like a pirate wine. Pirates did wear a lot of skulls though… so I’ll let it slide. I definitely like the unassuming minimal labeling, which also makes it easy to mistake for a less tasty cheap wine. I buy this wine every few months, and its great for a party if you have any friends. I would recommend trying this for your self with your favorite pirate and see what you think. Good night and sweet nightmares – Wino


Black Ink - Red Wine Blend
Black Ink – Red Wine Blend – 2015
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Gothic Score

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