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Curious Beasts Blood Red Wine – 2014

Blood, Under $15

Gothic Score

So needless to say this wine gets 10 points on the scales of torment. From the dripping blood cork to the impressive craftship of the labeling, which also includes a bloody bar code, this wine has become a new favorite while listening to Bauhaus.

Curious Beasts has a Cabernet as well, but its not nearly as tasty. The Blood Red has such a meaty feel in the mouth it practically begs you eat a steak raw while drinking it. I was in despair (more than normal) over the past few months when my local grocer stopped carrying it.. but alas the prodigal vino is back on the shelf. A steal under $15 mind you.  

The 14.5% BAC only solidifies the temptation this wine offers. The curious beasts of California have done well, and I look forward to drinking this wine with regularity. Now please excuse me while I sip myself straight to hell. -Wino


Curious Beasts - Blood Red Wine
Curious Beasts Blood Red Wine – 2014
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Gothic Score


  1. Where can I find the Curious Beast blood red wine? I live in FL but would be willing to have shipped if price is right

  2. You know, I’m not sure if it’s available on line. I’d check with the vineyard where they distribute to, Best of luck in your hunt.

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