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Noble Vines – 2014, 667 Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir, Under $15

Gothic Score

On this depressing night I’ll be tasting Noble Vines 2014 667 Pinot Noir. Shame they didn’t just stick to the 666, for now I must immediately remove a point. What disrespect for the dark lord and savior… irregardless, I thirst.

The bottle is mostly black… but still has some color in the text. Thankfully the 667 on the label is red, but otherwise the design is a bit of a snore. There is some boring banter about grapes on the label that has nothing to do with Anton LaVey or anything fun.

Nothing exceptional about the cork on the way out, sans the fact that I’d like to get drunk and its in my way.

I don’t hate this wine. I actually enjoy its dark but unfruitful undertone. Somewhat sour, I taste ancient plum and rich dirt. I can imagine a vine growing from a nearby graveyard… plus one point. The 667 is not a sweet wine, quite the opposite. Like a good pinot noir it feels light in the mouth and heavy on your throat.

I wish the design was more inviting, I almost didn’t bother with it. Luckily the gloomy flavor and cheap price tag kept me interested longer than I thought I would be.


Noble Vines 667 - Pinot Noir
Noble Vines – 2014, 667 Pinot Noir
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Gothic Score

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  1. Brilliant

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