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Vampire Red – Vampire Vineyards – 2013

Red Blend, Under $15

Gothic Score

Oh happy day… I’ve been waiting to get my paws on a bottle of Vampire Red by Vampire Vineyards. Needless to say, this gets a 9.5 on the goth scale. Its even packaged in a lovely coffin box (squeee!) which I’ll be saving for a spell later.   

I found this wine in a graveyard under a mossy log, the vintage is 2013.. so it seems to have been there for a while. I assume that’s how the vampires age the bottles. I removed my black leather gloves to light a few candles (it was midnight and quite dark, don’t judge) to find my way back to the lair.

The wine itself is not amazing, but I my hopes were low per usual so no bother. It’s a classic pepper, spicy blend and very easy to suck… er, drink all night. Those California winos have made a very decent blend, so I’ll probably finish the bottle tonight.

Overall I love the style (hmmm) and would probably buy crates of this stuff for my late night wines. As I sip away in to oblivion its starting to grow on me more… or am I just transitioning into a vampiric beast of wine sucking fury? I’ll keep you posted, whether you like it or not. Good night and sweet nightmares – Wino


Vampire Red – Vampire Vineyards
Vampire Red – Vampire Vineyards – 2013
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Gothic Score

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