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Zombie Zin – Zinfandel – Vintage Unknown

Under $15, Zinfandel

Gothic Score

Tonight we are tasting this Zombie Zin California Zinfandel by Chateau Diana. This is a fun wine if you like the idea of drinking a mixture of rotting flesh and oozing puss. I’m kidding, its quite lovely, especially if your favorite holiday is right around the corner, gee I’ll let you guess what that is. Anyhwo, lets get to it.

I found this wine at the World Market inside the Bed Bath & Beyond, I’m not joking. I was shopping for a black bathmat when the seasonal department whispered sweet agony in my ear. I came to the call to find this lovely red staring at me from the Halloween party supplies. Pshhh, everyday is Halloween, suckers. None the less it was a great find along with another wine I’ve been looking for for a while (but that’s for another night…). Me, my bathmat, one black ceramic skull, and two gothic wines checked out without much fuss and made our way back to the cellar.

This wine is not bad, not great, but I like it. I actually drank half the bottle last night, but was too depressed to blog about it. Instead I watched a few episodes of The Walking Dead Season 7 (appropriate) until I got tired of being awake. Its a bit sweet for me, but has a nice dark plumb & pear feel with some pepper mixed in. I will say this; its an easy to drink wine and would pair well with read meat (or rotting flesh on TV).

Because I’m not super-wowed I’m going with seven points on the goth scale. Its actually not very goth at all, but its apocalyptic tannins kept me wanting more and I would buy this wine again.


Zombie Zin - Red Wine Blend
Zombie Zin – Zinfandel – Vintage Unknown
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