1924 Gnarly Head Limited Edition Double Black

 In $15-$30, Cabernet Sauvignon
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Oh yay, another wine from California. What drew me to this possibility for the Gothic wine search was it’s mat black finish and simple red/black label, and well, it’s a DOUBLE BLACK cab, so it’s worth a try. Lets get drunk.

Word has it that 1924 was the year Gnarly Head planted it’s vines, hence the limited edition. I haven’t had much from the vineyard, so lets give it a go and see what I can remember in the mourn-ing.

I have to admit I actually drank most of the bottle last night, so I’ll probably have to follow up with another session. So far I’m loving this wine. It’s very smooth with just the right amount of dry and almost no sweetness at all. There is a velvety tannin that I can’t get enough of mixed with blackberries and currant. It claims vanilla spice, but I’ll have to drink another bottle to make sure. I find myself¬†catching that California sunshine in a bottle and loving it… it’s very confusing.

Anyways.. overall I think this is a dastardly great wine for the price, and I do hope I’ll be able to get a few more bottles for the cellar. Not sure it would pair well with much, but its a perfectly fine meal on it’s own. Which is great, cause it’s my dinner tonight. -The Dark Wino


1924 Gnarly Head Limited Edition Double Black - Gothic Wine
1924 Gnarly Head Limited Edition Double Black
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