Roscato Dark – Dark Red Blend, Trentino, Italy

 In $15-$30, Red Blend
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So here is an interesting plot twist, tonight we taste the grapes of northern Italy with this mysterious red blend. Something about this bottle caught my eye, it’s classical goth design with silver accents is quite lovely. Also feeling like I haven’t reviewed enough old word gothic wines, this might actually be the first. As they say in Italy, è tempo di ubriacarsi. 

This wine is very balanced and definitely has an old vine feel. It’s quite complicated, yet extremely smooth with lots of exotic spices mixed in with earthy flavors. Slightly peppery and very dry, which personally I love in a wine. This would pair well with anything bloody (of the red meat variety). Possibly fish or poultry if done on the spicy side.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this wine for any occasion. Eating dead animals, chatting with your friends, OR drinking by your self at 2 in the morning while writing in your evil wine blog. Buona notte e buona fortuna -The Dark Wino


Roscato Dark – Dark Red Blend, Trentino, Italy
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Gothic Score
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