The Velvet Devil, Merlot – Washington State

 In $15-$30, Pinot Noir
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Mmmmm the Velvet Devil is a tasty wine indeed. I’m going to start by saying this is one of my favorites of all the goth wines. I’ve been drinking it for months now inbetween contenders and I keep coming back.

It’s extremely easy to drink alone, and in quantity. It lives up to it’s name, velvety smooth and captivating at the same time. You’ll find yourself slipping down the black satin sheets before you know it with this one.

This would pair well with anything, but honestly I’d just recommend it with a good book. I don’t think it needs any parings to shine. It’s very, dark & plumby and has just the right amount of earthy bite to keep your mouth watering for more.

All that said, go out an get a case, cause the Velvet Devil is good for any occasion or lonely night off the wagon. Until the next full moon -The Dark Wino


The Velvet Devil, Merlot - Washington State
The Velvet Devil, Merlot – Washington State
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