Black Ridge Pinot Noir – Lodi, California

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Black label, check. Black in the name, check. Full disclosure I’m partial to pinot noir, but that should be no surprise. This is a very unassuming bottle I found hiding on the cheap shelf of the Whole Foods (hint, look below your knees). Let’s see what happens when I drink the whole thing in under an hour, shall we?

This wine has all my favorite components to a good pino. Not too overwhelming, but complex with plenty of spice and a smokey raspberry taste that lingers. It’s mellow and easy to drink without having to eat anything, which is good because that just gets in the way of getting wasted.

This would pair well with the white meats, more wine, or a gamey freshwater fish. Bacon might work too, as the peppery nature of this wine is very forward and I think the two would play well together. I don’t have any bacon though. 

I like this wine, and would get it again should we cross paths in the cheap seats again. This is a good table wine that anyone can enjoy, so pick a bottle up for your next casting party or funeral. Unfortunately it’s not very Gothic, but by all means I’ll still complete the entire bottle as planned. Thanks for listening to my life fall apart, one bottle at a time -The Dark Wino


Black Ridge Pinot Noir – Lodi, California
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