Apothic Brew – Limited Edition Cold Brew Coffee Infused Red Blend

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So here are some of my favorite things; Apothic wine, black coffee, staying up all night, and cold things. Naturally I had to try this limited edition brew to see if it was goth enough to satisfy my ultimate desires. Apothic has been coming up with a few winners, so I guess I’m willing to drink this and tell you all about it in the twilight hours.

The bottle is nice, nothing remarkable. Fairly standard for Apothic (hint- more skulls and pentagrams please). Let’s see whats under the sheets before any judgement is passed. And by under the sheets, I mean it’s time to get shitfaced on coffee wine and put on some Killing Joke.

This wine has a strong aroma of coffee, and spoiler alert, it tastes just like coffee and red wine. I like it enough to keep drinking (also it’s the last bottle in the house, so…) but I can’t say I’m extremely floored- except for the fact that this is a very GOOD mix coffee and red wine. To that, I tip my hat good goths of Apothic. It’s very bold & silky on the tongue, but not extremely daring and drinkable on it’s own. It drinks almost like a coffee stout. All that said, it would pair EXTREMELY well with chocolate. Dark, dark chocolate…

This is a great start to what I hope is even more interesting blends from Apothic. I really enjoyed their Inferno Blend, so I will keep supporting this vineyard on my quest for the ultimate gothic wine. Sleep tight, I won’t… I’m high on coffee wine -The Dark Wino


Apothic Brew – Limited Edition Cold Brew Coffee Infused Red Blend
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