Hob Nob – Red Wine Blend – 2016

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What day is it? Oh who cares.. anyways, I’m drinking.. again. This time its this lovely 2016 Hob Nob Red Wine Blend from France by Hob Nob Vineyards. I love the bottle, especially the twist off cap. The 5 dancing skeletons and over all vibe seems like a tribute somewhere between Halloween and Día de los Muertos. Both very respected holidays in my black book of fun.

I didn’t expect much from this wine, be it that it was in the Halloween decor section of the grocery store.. but, it’s proving my pallet to be quite tasty. It’s very smooth and dark, deep plumb with a hint of vanilla and old vine spices. I would expect the last from the old world, but not in a blend. There is a hint of cherry sweet that lingers in the aftertaste. Normally I would spit out anything sweet, but this keeps me wanting my next sip instead.

Overall this wine is more than gothic for me to appreciate, but not to make me want to buy it all the time. I would like to explore this vineyard more though, as I have a feeling they have a lot more to share in the dark spirits.  With dread and depreciation – Wino


Hob Nob – Red Wine Blend – 2016
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