Girl & Dragon – Malbec – 2016

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Good evening. I’ve been busy with Halloween things so haven’t posted in a while. Life is returning to it’s normal boring state so I started slithering back to my typical wino habits. Very well then, here we have a Malbec called Girl & Dragon from Argentina. Who is this girl? Who is this dragon? Lets find out while getting wasted.

There isn’t anything revealing as to the origins of the name, so naturally I’m left to figure it out for my self. The label is quite lovely and has a black dragon in the background- who we can assume is an alcoholic dragon, that eats little blond girls when he’s had too much sauce. Cheers!

This is a very good run of the mill Malbec. A little spicy, a little bitter, and overall very dark and plumby in flavor. It’s spice is lasting and this would pare perfectly with a blond girl dragon steak any day. It’s easy to drink, but not too quickly. It’s heavy and very bold, even after you finish a half bottle.

This wine is not extremely gothic, but it did catch my eye. I’d like to keep my ears on this vineyard just in case they go a little darker in design. There is much potential to be had.  Now I need a nap, so goodnight for now my gothlings – Wino


Girl & Dragon – Malbec – 2016
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