Love Noir – Pino Noir – 2015

 In Pinot Noir, Under $15
Gothic Score

Hello fellow winos, tonight I’m sipping a rather curious pino, the 2015 Love Noir Pino Noir. Do I love this Pino? Yes. Naturally for I do appreciate all things in league with the dark side.

This bottle is just lovely with gold shimmering foil accents and a matte black background. The screw off top is a nice feature just in case you need to get inside the bottle quickly- which I commonly do.

This is actually one of my favorite goth wines under $15. It’s very smooth, dark and extremely easy to drink. It’s a dry red with black cherry tones and hints of espresso. I could (and will) finish the bottle without any trouble.

I would like to try their other wine, the Satin Red, because the value is definitely here with the Pino and its very well balanced. Unfortunately I do not think it’s quite Gothic enough to make it very high on my repository. I would however recommend giving this one a try. -Wino


Love Noir – Pino Noir – 2015
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