Tall Dark Stranger – Malbec – 2016

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I was slightly excited to see this wine at the Target by my domicile, but no longer. Tall Dark Stranger Malbec comes across as an incredibly good find under $15, unfortunately its not as good as it looks on the shelf.  I expected so much more from America’s favorite home essentials retailer.

The bottle itself is quite alluring, it’s not a common shape and I do like that. They definitely captured a sense of mystery on the design. Unfortunately that mystery is the wine is not good at all. It’s bitter in a bad way, and slightly chemical flavored.

I’m rating this wine a 2, should they improve the actual wine in the bottle someday I would like to try it again. Perhaps this vintage is off? Now I must torture myself by finishing the rest of the bottle until I feel the call of sleep. Sweet nightmares -Wino


Tall Dark Stranger - Malbec
Tall Dark Stranger – Malbec – 2016
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