The Walking Dead – Blood Red Blend 2015

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I spotted this little gem at the local grocer and unnaturally had to have it. Perhaps a distant cousin to the Zombie Zin? I certainty hope so. It’s been some time since I’ve been able to dig up that wine again. From what I remember (which is rarely much) I did enjoy it.

One has to love the matte finish of the bottle and Rick Grimes silhouette label about to chop the faces off some “walkers”. Though, one has to wonder, will it hold up to the hype, or will it be a gimmick wine only desired by it aforementioned legacy. Lets take a bite and find out more.

Upon uncorking you’ll see a clever little zombie hand on the cork, giving way to its rich innards. Let us now drink and feast upon the flesh of grapes. To my delight this is a very, very good wine for the price. Not very gothic, but definitely drinkable. It’s dry in all the right places and full bodied on the first sip. Very smooth and velvety to the tongue, I taste freshly squeezed grapes aged in barrels with hints of vanilla and raspberries. This wine would pair devilishly with meat, fish, or rotting corpse (depending on what you have around) so I’d recommend it as a go-to for your next viewing party and/or apocalypse.

I have to admit I was skeptical of a Hollywood inspired wine, but The Last Wine Co. has done a splendid job with this one. I hear they have a few others tipping a hat to the Walking Dead series, so I’ll be on the look out. Until then, grab a bottle by the ankle and sink your teeth in. -The Dark Wino


The Walking Dead - Gothic Wine
The Walking Dead – Blood Red Blend 2015
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Gothic Score
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